Well, the light at the end of the moving nightmare tunnel is finally visible. You have managed to pack up your old residence and bring everything over to the new place. You feel relieved, but also overwhelmed. There are piles of boxes everywhere! Mountains of assorted belongings that didn’t fit in boxes. It’s a mess. You look around and think it will never all get put away. Calm down. It will, especially if you follow the tips in this article. What is the best way to unpack after a move? Like a pro, of course!


Ok, first, the day before the move, pack an essentials box with critical things such as medication, phone chargers, pet food, changes of socks and underwear, hygiene items, and slippers and nightwear, to get you through the first few days in your new home.

It will not be possible to unpack everything the first few days, nor should you even try. Visit your new home before and clean the floors, wipe everything down, make sure shelves are clean, vacuum, and lay down shelf paper if you use that. Hang curtains and drapes, wash a set of linens for each bed before you move and place them in a bag or box.

Don’t Just Automatically Sign Off with the Movers

Unless you are satisfied that all items and boxes are accounted for, don’t let the movers leave. Don’t just put room names on the boxes. Number them and know how many there should be in your new home. Make sure every one of your possessions is off the moving truck before you sign anything. Also, don’t sign off until you inspect the house for any damage the movers may have caused to either your possessions or the house itself. Once you sign saying all is well, you can’t later make a claim against them.


Dress the beds in clean linens, so you have a peaceful place to sleep that night after the stress of the day.


Now, for the kitchen. But first, get a large bin and bring it with you as you unpack. Some items may not fit in the rooms of your new house as they did in the old one.  Put such items in the bin and pull it along, placing them where you’d like them to be as you go. Do the kitchen first because you will need to use it. You need to eat, and besides, it’s one of the hardest to unpack and getting it done will give you a boost and feeling of accomplishment. Put away dishes, silverware and pots, and pans. Assemble and plug-in appliances.


Make your bathroom usable. Put away hygiene items and set out clean towels. Set up the medicine cabinet. Put makeup and shaving supplies where they go. Put out toilet paper and tissues.


Bedrooms are last. If you have children and they’re old enough, have them unpack and put their things away. That will save you work.

Do the storage areas last, such as closets. Don’t feel like you have to get it all done right away. It takes time to unpack a new home. Don’t let it stress you out. Take time to appreciate your new place. Before you know it, everything will be in place, and you’ll be right at home once again.

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