There are many reasons you might be contemplating a move within the Sacramento, CA metro area. Some people move annually when their apartment lease ends, others might be moving to college, or helping their loved ones downsize to a more manageable condominium. No matter what your reason for moving, it can turn into quite the chore. Even a move down the street requires taking all your household possessions, getting them boxed up, and then transported to the new place. The result is hours of grueling labor that can leave you worn out and too exhausted to even think about unpacking.

The good news is, you can hire a reliable Sacramento moving company to help you do the heavy lifting. Trained professionals simplify and streamline the moving process, getting you moved in a flash, without all the blood, sweat, and tears.

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When you start packing – digging through all your drawers, cabinets, dressers, and closets – you might be surprised to find just how much you own. It can be extremely overwhelming to get everything into a box, much less get it all loaded onto a moving truck. Loading cumbersome furniture and appliances, like your sofa or refrigerator, is especially daunting. Not having the proper tools, equipment, and manpower to pull off the job could leave you with an injured back or worse.

That’s why it’s smart to hire the best Sacramento CA moving company. Our movers have everything needed to make your move easy. Every move comes with a team of 2-4 moving professionals that can efficiently pack, load, and transport your goods. Additionally, each moving crew drives a full-sized moving truck made to transport your entire household. We even have the boxes and moving supplies to pack your cargo, dollies and arm straps to help with the lifting, and moving blankets to keep all your possessions safe from dents and scratches.

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Our Moving Company Services

We have been moving for a long time and have the expertise, equipment, and vehicles to do the right job. Cheap Movers Sacramento allows you to rest easy, knowing that you are taken care of. Here are the services we provide for moving:

  • Loading/Unloading: Whether it’s our own truck or one you rented, our movers are available by the hour to help with your loading and unloading needs.
  • Boxes & Packaging: Packing can be one of the worst parts of moving because it requires keeping things super organized. Our professionals know the proper techniques for boxing your items, and they’ll even make labeling a breeze.
  • Hourly Services: Local moves are billed at a low, hourly rate. You’ll receive an estimate ahead of time, so you know what to expect and what’s included with our moving services.

When you want to hire the best professional, local, in-town moving services for Sacramento, CA, call Cheap Movers Sacramento. We care for your personal belongings like they’re our own, giving peace of mind throughout the process. Let us bring our professional first-class customer service and expertise to you to make your move a ringing success. To find out more or request a free moving quote, please call us now!

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