Congratulations on your upcoming move to Sacramento! Before you settle into life in California’s state capital, you’ll want to cover all the basics. Setting up utilities is one of the more tedious chores on a mover’s list, but it can be accomplished swiftly and without hassle — you just need a solid plan in place. Here’s your one-stop checklist for the top utility companies in the Sacramento area.



The Sacramento Municipal Utility District is the best place to begin, as they provide electricity for most of the region’s population. In fact, the organization is the sixth-largest community-owned electrical utility company in the United States. The website offers an online store with rebates for SMUD customers, as well as an easy-to-use customer service portal.


Pacific Gas & Electric

For your natural gas needs, Pacific Gas & Electric is the place to go. They also offer solar and renewable energy options, as well as electrical vehicle base plans. Check out their website to learn which residential rate plan best suits your needs. For those who qualify for the Energy Savings Assistance Program, PGE will provide free upgrades on equipment.


California American Water

toll-free 888-237-1333
This water treatment company delivers annual reports to residents, alerting them of any changes in their water supply. The handy website will be able to tell you of any “do-not-drink” orders or district restrictions, making it a valuable resource to have. In fact, the page is worth a look for anyone who’s interested in learning more about water conservation efforts.

Cable and Internet

For all your screen-time needs, there are several options you might consider. The following choices are national standards, and all of them serve the Sacramento area.


Basic cable and internet packages start at about $50 a month with this provider. Professional installation is free of charge.


Spectrum offers a highly competitive price, with packages starting at just under $30 a month for voice, cable, and internet. Though few people are likely to take advantage of the landline option anymore, it’s a good deal if you’re interested in only basic cable and none of the add-ons.


Wave offers a “smart home” package in addition to the usual phone, cable, and internet options. This allows you to receive updates on your connected devices using your tablet or smartphone, thereby giving you greater home security and peace of mind. Check out their website to take advantage of any seasonal sales or discounts that may be taking place at the time of your move.

With the utility chores out of the way, you’ll be able to focus your energy and attention on the excitement of your upcoming move. The old-world charm of Sacramento is waiting to show you all it has to offer. Welcome, and best of luck on your new adventure.

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